[PD] Vanilla suggestions 2

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 13:02:20 CET 2018

Hello list,

a couple more assorted suggestions with no specific logic:

- is seems that the old trick of simulating graphical depth by deleting
something and undoing it so that it appears on top doesn't work anymore. I
would say it even affects old patches, but I can't confirm this. Is this a
consequence of the new undo routine?
This isn't necessarily bad, but it's a change in habits. E.g. instead of
deleting+undoing, the object can be duplicated instead (and the position

- undo doesn't work on change of gui settings (color, variables, ...). But
this behaviour was the same in previous versions, just a reminder.

- when hovering over gui objects, the mouse pointer changes direction. This
was the case also for arrays, but it doesn't seem to be anymore?
Also, before to edit an array it was necessary to click in a defined value
- now it's possible to click anywhere.
- the horizontal slider shortcut changed, but I'm not seeing it used
anywhere else
(- small detail: most shortcuts are described in the menus as
"Ctrl+Shift+...", others as "Shift+Ctrl+...". I guess the first is the
[maybe I wasn't paying attention to these changes in previous editions and
they're documented for a long time]

A curiosity: where is defined the vertical distance for new objects added
automatically? I would like to change it if possible.
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