[PD] Vanilla suggestions 2

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Dec 15 17:14:18 CET 2018

On 12/15/18 1:02 PM, João Pais wrote:
> - undo doesn't work on change of gui settings (color, variables, ...). But
> this behaviour was the same in previous versions, just a reminder.

well, this is somewhat intended behaviour.
changing the GUI-settings is similar to sending messages to an object
(under the hood).
so if you start a [metro 1000] by sending it "1", you cannot undo it.
similarily you cannot undo the [color( message sent to a GUI via the

from a user's POV the difference is, that sending a "1" to the [metro
1000] is happending in "run mode", whereas changing the properties is
(conceptually) happening in "edit mode".

> - the horizontal slider shortcut changed, but I'm not seeing it used
> anywhere else

iirc this has popped up on the list at least once before. the reason
being that on macOS the old short-cut Shift+Cmd+H is already taken by
the OS, making it unusable for Pd's purposes.
in order to have constistent shortcuts across all OSs, it was changed to
a value that is usable on all OSs.

i thought about writing a plugin to manually configure the
keyboard-shortcuts, but had it postponed (as it was not so simple after
all :-))

> (- small detail: most shortcuts are described in the menus as
> "Ctrl+Shift+...", others as "Shift+Ctrl+...". I guess the first is the
> norm?)

the problem is, that there is no real norm (it's different on OSX and
Windows; and on Linux there's no real standard).
i agree that it should be consistent within Pd (and thought that i fixed
it, but obviously did not).


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