[PD] Deken - question / feature request

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 21:52:13 CET 2018

>> I need to distribute a patch, which has to be programmed in Pd Vanilla
>> but with some external libraries. Since the patch will be downloaded by
>> unexperienced persons, it would be good that the externals would be
>> automatically installed by deken. I was looking for a script feature in
>> deken that would allow that, but didn't find any. Is there a way of
>> doing it, or would it be complex to add to deken's features?
> the "deken" cmdline utility has such a feature:
> $ deken install -r requirementsfile.txt
> however, most people will not have the deken-cmdline utility readily
> available, so you may find it it of limited use.

Ah, if you meant developer/deken, it's available only as a bash script.  
It's theoretically possible in windows, but it requires installing  
advanced features, which the "normal user" won't be able to do (it would  
be easier for them to learn how to use deken inside Pd).
But nevertheless I'll see if there's any way of also packaging an  
executable that allows to run that script.



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