[PD] Deken - question / feature request

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 10:15:26 CET 2018

>>> however, most people will not have the deken-cmdline utility readily
>>> available, so you may find it it of limited use.
>> Ah, if you meant developer/deken, it's available only as a bash script.
> well technically, it's not a "bash script" (you can download a
> self-contained deken.exe on windows).

ah, where can I find that? it wasn't in the downloaded package from github.

> but yes, you (can only) run it from the commandline (CLI, terminal,
> "Eingabeaufforderung",...) which is what i was trying to say all along.

that wouldn't be a problem - if the terminal is windows-compatible.

I can also try to add instructions on how to install these libraries, but  
I heard already comments from people saying that it's too complex for them  
even to install pure data and opening a patch. Packaging binaries for all  
oss is also a possibility, but it will increase the size and my work on  
keeping everything up to date. So I'm still seeing what is the best way of  
solving this.



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