[PD] Grid, x y control

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a small trick I learned the last days - if you use coords instead of  
donecanvasdialog, it won't trigger the edit mode issue in vanilla. For the  
parameters you use, it should work.

I could leave a couple of theoretical suggestions:
- one disadvantage of data-s is that to move the marker, it's necessary to  
drag it from one of its corners. A click in a blank space won't have any  
effect. This might be circumvented using [mousestate] or a similar  
external, but it won't be vanilla code anymore.
- it's a pity that the variable limits in a struct can't be themselves  
assigned to variables. It's still not possible to reduce the size of the  
canvas but have different boundaries for the square. I guess a  
dynamically-created template would be an idea, but I didn't try with it  



> See [touch] in droidparty abstractions which is built using data  
> structures.. I've been working with it for a while.
> https://github.com/chr15m/PdDroidParty/tree/master/droidparty-abstractions
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>> Hi list,
>> what's the current recommendation for a simple x-y Pd GUI controller 
>> type of thing? Like a slider but horizontal and vertical.
>> There are probably a few externals providing this, which one is the 
>> best/most compatible/future proof?
>> In vanilla this can be emulated with an object reporting its position on 
>> a canvas, but to use it one must change to the edit mode which is kind 
>> of counter-intuitive.
>> Anything I'm missing?
>> m
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