[PD] array vs text, avoiding duplication

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 11:31:35 CET 2018

Do you have concrete code examples?

Already for many years I don't use any variable which doesn't have an $0-  
at the start of it. This also includes data structures structs and etc.,  
or there will be clashes when using abstractions.

> Hi list,
> I have a design consideration:
> There is a mapping abstraction where IDs of buttons are mapped to MIDI  
> notes. There are different tunings.
> Previously I used an array to store the tunings and filled this by  
> reading a text file in which the tuning was stored.
> Now, I do the same thing but I am using the text object. Nice thing here  
> is that I can store the tuning in an object.
> However in both cases I want to be able to use this abstraction either  
> only once or multiple times.
> Problem is, that if I use it multiple times the [array name] or [text  
> define -k name] will be defined multiple times.
> Is there a smart way to solve this kind of issue?
> I could still use text files and load them in [array $0-name] or [text  
> define -k $0-name] objects, but that doesn't strike me as particular  
> elegant since they will still contain the same thing, meaning it's code  
> duplication.
> cheers
> m.

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