[PD] remove wavecycles from a wavetable

Simon Iten itensimon at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 23:23:52 CET 2019

hi there,

i have a large amount of evolving wavetables (think ppg wave and the like)

2048 points per cycle
between 64 to 256 cycles in total.

those wavetables are saved to a standard wav file.

i would like to “standardize” those wavetables to all contain only 64 waves, hence only keeping every n-th wavecycle and cutting out the rest.

i can easily load the wav-files into an array with soundfiler and calculate the number of waves by dividing the sample number by 2048. what would be the easiest way to cut out all the unwanted waves and resave to a wav file?

it is straightforward to create a wavetable-player where i can scan through the wavetable (nice!!, see attached) but i am a bit lost onwards…

thanks for any pointers.

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