[PD] PdDroidParty questions

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Fri Jan 4 02:10:42 CET 2019

hi, chris !

just started to get aquainted with PdDroidParty - great fun and 
fantastic work that you did !

unfortunately the "hurleur" links on http://droidparty.net/ are dead, so 
i couldn't find any dedicated forums. and your github account says that 
you are looking for a maintainer (i'm sorry, but i'm really not up to it 
...), so i figure PdDroidParty is not actively maintained atm ?

anyway, i'd love to do some stuff with it and got some questions in this 

1.) which PD version should i use to create PdDroidParty patches ? you 
wrote on this list that [text] is not implemented in the actual version 
(PdDroidParty-debug-283.apk), so is it 0.46 or even 0.45 i'm dealing 
with here ?

2.) is there anything like a "PD console" possibility so check, whether 
an object has been loaded or not ? or error logs i could view ?

3.) is it possible to send pd control messages like "; pd quit" ?

4.) some native PD gui elements like [symbol], [vradio] and [hradio] are 
not working, is that right ?

5.) the "pure-widgets-demo" stuff is great, but i don't really 
understand why the moving of the "ViewPort" canvas changes the patch's 
view on the android device like it does. is "ViewPort" some special 
variable or object ?

thanks for any info !



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