[PD] PdDroidParty questions

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Sun Jan 6 09:56:26 CET 2019

hi, chris !

thanks a lot for all the infos and kind help ! much appreciated !

> Thanks for the heads-up. I have fixed the forum link.

confirmed. only the "There are some good tips for Windows users in this 
forum thread." link is still invalid, though
> These days I like to think of software which is not receiving changes 
> but which people are still using as "complete" rather than 
> "unmaintained" but I understand this is an uncommon view. :)

that's a totally valid point. if it's declared "complete" i can live 
with all the restrictions and just use the stuff, that's working. fine 
with me !

> I've just compiled and pushed up a new build (312) and it appears it has 
> successfully linked against the latest pd-for-android (libpd) which 
> according to a recent commit message says it is version 0.48-1. I also 
> just tested a [text] object in a patch and it did not throw a missing 
> object error so I guess that is working now.

PD 0.48-1 is great as a working version ! just downloaded and installed 
your latest build. seems to work alright, but the background is rendered 
as black (!), making many example patches unusable unless they have a 
coloured canvas or a png file as background !

>> 2.) is there anything like a "PD console" possibility so check, 
>> whether an object has been loaded or not ? or error logs i could view ?
> Yes, I think the best way to do this is have `adb` installed on your 
> computer and use the following command with your phone plugged into your 
> computer:
> adb logcat | grep Pd
> If you print things from Pd you can see them via this log.

i'm not quite sure i understand, but gonna investigate. so this would be 
done on linux ?

thanks again for all your work !



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