[PD] vanilla partitioned convolution abstraction

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Sun Jan 6 17:16:58 CET 2019

Hi, quick updates and developments over my weekend

> On Thursday, 3 January 2019, 04:19:50 GMT, Alexandre Torres Porres <
> porres at gmail.com> wrote:
> what you think, is it working?

So, the patch/algorithm was wrong and I've fixed

> Both objects on the help file take about 40% of my CPU power, but I'm on a
> wild machine

I was able to do a few more things and make it much more efficient

> I tried the idea of having each partition work with FFT saved on tables,
> so we wouldn't need to perform FFTs in different instances of clone, but
> that doesn't seem to be possible.

This is because things were wrong, like I said, now that I've fixed it,
that was possible.

But my current version is not vanilla anymore, as I'm developing this
object to include it in my "ELSE" library. Once I'm done I'll try to make
another vanilla compatible abstraction and re share it!

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