[PD] minor peculiarity selecting audio output in macOS

Edwin van der Heide pd at evdh.net
Mon Jan 7 10:15:20 CET 2019

I came across a minor peculiarity in Pd 0.49-1 running on macOS 10.14.2

I have created a multi-output device in my Audio MIDI Setup. It’s works a splitter where the audio is sent in parallel to the built-in output and to soundflower. I have named it ‘Built-in Output and Soundflower’.

In Pd I can select it as output device in the menu but after pressing OK it takes and stores the 'Built-in Output' as device instead of my ‘Built-in Output and Soundflower’. If I name the multi-output device differently (i.e. ‘Multi out’) I can select it properly and everything works as expected. It seems that Pd only looks at/remembers the first x characters of the name of the selected device.



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