[PD] IFTTT (“if this then that”) and connecting puredata to iot device like a wemo or other open source power outlet

Bastiaan van den Berg buzz at spacedout.nl
Mon Jan 14 16:08:42 CET 2019

our hackerspace uses a ton of 'sonoff' products from itead ;
its a simple and cheap esp8266 based board you can run anything you want
on.  i -think- it comes with some firmware natively, but i've never
bothered to look at it :P

the firmware we flash on them allows them to be controlled over MQTT which
works nice for our domotica setup, but i've also flashed one with art-net
software once.
some manual attempt is at https://nurdspace.nl/SonOff

many ways to apply this ;)
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