[PD] [text] issue reading SysEx files

Mario Buoninfante mario.buoninfante at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 17:39:04 CET 2019


I've been trying to read SysEx files using [text], and I noticed that the
loaded file end up being corrupted in a way with bits and bops missing.
Also trying to manually copy and paste part of the file (from Atom text
editor) I'm not able to copy the entire file, there's always something
missing (ie select all the file in Atom, copy and paste in [text]).
When loading the file I've got no error, but then when I open the [text]
window, this is returned on the console:

(Tcl) UNHANDLED ERROR: extra characters after close-brace
    while executing
"pdtk_textwindow_append .x100617310 {d 0 iM @?, f h I R kQ, [ ÷ð ), Y Q Y1
-" ( , XFN `  8 ) 6{` )  ) ;
pdtk_textwindow_append .x1006173..."
    ("uplevel" body line 39)
    invoked from within
"uplevel #0 $docmds

I know, it's a kind of a weird thing trying to read SysEx files in this way
and probably it's just me trying to do something with the wrong tool.
But weirdly enough the sequences of characters I cannot copy and paste from
Atom, can then be directly typed in the [text] window.
I suspect this has to do with the character encoding.
Does anyone know why [text] behave this way?

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