[PD] loading Camomile plug-ins using vstplugin~

Christof Ressi christof.ressi at gmx.at
Sun Jan 20 11:12:05 CET 2019

Hi Miller, I'm the developer of [vstplugin~].

> Anyhow, who would ever want to do this? 

I hope nobody :-) the idea of hosting VST plugins inside a Pd patch which itself is used as a VST plugin sounds pretty absurd to me. Every decent DAW lets you connect VST plugins freely in FX chains, so I don't see any reason for opening VST plugins within other VST plugins.

I've also heard the joke about using [vstplugin~] + Camomile to host Pd inside Pd (to go "full circle") - which I think should actually work, but I wouldn't recommend it either :-).


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> Betreff: [PD] loading Camomile plug-ins using vstplugin~
> To Pd list -
> In case anyone else thought they could use vstplugin~ (By Hannes, available
> from https://git.iem.at/pd/vstplugin) to load Camomile 
> (https://github.com/pierreguillot/Camomile) -
> I don't think it works.  Unless I'm misreading things, once Camomile calls
> pd_init(), that call doesn't go to the pd_init that's compiled into
> Camomile (via libpd) but instead calls pd_init from the Pd that called
> vstplugin~ that called Camomile.  This does nothing, and the next thing libpd
> tries to access in the Pd instance fails.
> Here, Pure Data itself (the calling program) is compiled single-thread, and
> libpd is compiled multi-thread; this means data structures in the two are
> different so they can't call back and forth; anything in libpd had better
> refer to its own version of things and not the calling program's.
> Perhaps there's a way vstplugin~ could load the VST in such a way as to have
> it only make calls back into vstplugin~ but not into Pd?  It's all a bit
> confusing to me.  Anyhow, who would ever want to do this?  (Except actually
> for complicated reasons I would :)
> Miller
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