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Thu Jan 24 09:36:47 CET 2019

On 23.01.19 23:24, noxidgerg wrote:
> Greetings,
> My students are working on projects where they want to use game controllers with Pd.
> We can currently get the hid object to run in Pd-extended on Mac OS High Sierra, but I would like to encourage my students to use a newer version of Pd.
> Is hid available through a current library or is there an equivalent external that can provide the same functionality?
> Apologies if this has already been covered elsewhere.  Thanks for your help!

- download a recent version of Pd.
- go to "Help" -> "Find new externals"
- type "hid" (wihtout the quotes) into the search field and hit enter
- you should get a list of externals that have 'something' to do with "hid"
- click on one of the lines. the search results are sorted per library
name (alphabetically) and within each library per version (semantically)
compatible architectures are shown on top (in a blackish font),
incomaptible architectures (if enabled via the preferences) are shown
below (in a greyish font)

a quick search on my machine shows that, [hid] is available for Linux
(amd64 and i386) and Darwin (i386 and powerpc); the related but slightly
different [hidin] is available for Windows (i386).

noteably, there is no [hid] package for Darwin/amd64 (which is what you
probably want, when running High Sierra).


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