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Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 12:59:57 CET 2019

Does [hid] use IOKit? If not, then it's most likely *very* old. I can take
a look sometime over the next month to see what's up. I've never used [hid]
myself as I came up with an alternate solution  (see last email) but I know
it's generally useful to many...

On Thu, 2019-01-24 at 11:00 +0100, IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> > On 24.01.19 10:46, Raphael Isdant wrote:
> > > I didn't tried it yet, but you can find a compiled version
> >
> > you could also just try to compile [hid] (and upload it to deken).
> > i don't think it's super hard.
> I tried with hid-0.7 from puredata.info and wasn't successful on macOS
> Yosemite and Sierra.
> It fails at:
> HID Utilities Source/HID_Utilities_External.h:64:9: error: mac68k
> alignment pragma is not supported on this target
> #pragma options align=mac68k
> But also when I comment out that line, it fails with a different error.
> It seems the included header files originating from Apple are pretty
> outdated.
> Maybe I tell rubbish, but at least it seems [hid] needs some love from
> someone with a bit deeper knowledge of things.
> Roman

Dan Wilcox
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