[PD] Installing GEM on mac?

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Sun Jan 27 15:54:39 CET 2019

On 26.01.19 21:25, IOhannes m zmölnig wrote:
> On 1/26/19 7:51 PM, Max wrote:
>>> This seems to have put some stuff into the Pd app bundle. However,
>>> when I try to open an example, most objects don't seem to be found, eg
>>> 'gemwin… could not create'.
> seems like you didn't load Gem.
>> Deken (the external manager you have used through 'Find externals')
>> should have asked you if you want to add Gem to the search paths. Did
>> you say no to that?
> hopefully.
> you shouldn't allow deken to automatically add search-paths.
> the entire functionality was an ugly hack for Pd<0.49.

Fair enough, but wouldn't that mean that all the Gem examples should 
have a [declare -lib Gem] in them?

 From a usability experience the mechanism is like one would expect from 
a programming environment where one has to add includes to provide 
library functionality on top of installing them.
Users coming from Apps like DAWs might think of externals more like 
plugins and might be confused by the extra step to be able to use them, 
I think that was the rationale of extended and Purr-Data to load all of 
them no matter if they are used or not. It's a different paradigm, it 
just needs to be clearly communicated to the user.

just my 0.2 ct..

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