[PD] TCP weirdness ? ...

Christof Ressi christof.ressi at gmx.at
Tue Jan 29 02:29:47 CET 2019

hi, check this out: https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/issues/378

TL;DR: [connect( tries to establish a connection until it times out. currently, the default timeout is system dependend, but it would be nice if we could also set it manually. and yes, the default timeout should be a bit shorter ;-). it's easy to implement, I wanted to make a PR but forgot...


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> hi, i recently stumbled upon some weird behaviour when i tried to 
> connect 2 computers via netsend using the TCP protocol.
> this is on Windows 7 / 64bit, PD 0.49.0:
> so i hooked up 2 PCs with a network cable and fixed IP addresses. 
> everything works fine. i can ping, i can send udp data to and from.
> but now comes the weird situation:
> when i try to connect with a TCP protocol to a valid IP address, but the 
> port on the other machine is not yet opened (i.e. no [netreceive] has 
> been created on the other computer), then my local PD freezes for about 
> 20 (!) seconds before printing an error to the console.
> if i try to connect to a "localhost" non-existing port, there's still a 
> small PD freeze but only for about 1 second.
> also irritating is the fact, that an invalid connection doesn't output a 
> 0 on the left output, but instead does nothing. only the [disconnect( 
> message outputs a 0.
> i would expect a non existing connection (whether it's because of an 
> invalid IP-address or a wrong port number) to just immediately output an 
> error on the console AND output a 0 on the left output of [netsend], right ?
> i am no expert in this field, so it might be that this behaviour is 
> normal, though it doesn't seem right to me to stall a program for 20 
> seconds because of a worng network connection. i also experienced this 
> behaviour with iemnet's [tcpsend] and [tcpclient].
> i attached a patch with the described scenarios.
> thanks for any help or wisdom !
> best
> oliver
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