[PD] batch processing and event execution

Federico Camara Halac camarafede at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 11:45:55 CET 2019


I have three part question regarding -batch processing and  (non-DSP) event

Say I have a [t b b b] with time-consuming events such as [text], [array],
[soundfiler] reading, array normalizing, analyzing, etc. Since each stage
of the [trigger] depends on the last, is it a fact that every stage would
be executed until completion? I have been using Pd for a while now, and I
know this should be true (I have no evidence against it), so I guess what I
am asking is How can I really be sure that it is indeed a fact? Is there
another flag I can use?

This question extends to those objects that write to disk using [write(
messages like [text], [array], or even [writesf~]... and also when saving
stuff with Gem's [pix_write], [pix_buffer]... When you send a write message
of this sort, am I correct in assuming that Pd will stop doing anything
else but writing-to-disk until the writing-to-disk is done, and then resume
its next task once the file is completely written?

Finally, when doing batch processing, does Pd create a "list" of all the
events that will take place before doing them? Is there anything of that


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