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I'm very sorry I never saw your reply, Dan. I just kept using PD without
access to the Audio Settings... Today, I finally changed the OS language
and system region to English (U.S.) and can open Audio Settings.

To answer your questions, I'm not tech-savvy enough to know how to "get a
copy of the string that causes the error". I've used error logs for Android
before, do I need to open something like that, but for Windows and look at
it while I click on Media>Audio Settings?

As for the setup, it's Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 15 7577 NG55VR-7WL.

Let me know how I can help.


On Mon, Aug 13, 2018 at 10:56 PM Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com> wrote:

> Internationalization support is definitely high on my list. Is there some
> way you could get a copy of the string that causes the error? It's hard to
> debug/fix things without the same set up, ie. it could be a problem with
> Tcl/Tk or Portaudio string handling on Windows, etc. In any case, the audio
> dialog shouldn't crash Pd on our friends in Japan!
> On Aug 2, 2018, at 5:52 AM, S.E.P. <
> dreamoftheshoreofanotherworld at gmail.com> wrote:
> I guess I'll have to change my system settings to a European language
> then. Too bad! It was good for my vocabulary to have the JP settings.
> On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 3:21 AM, Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com> wrote:
>> It might then be a lower-level issue with the device strings returned by
>> Portaudio.
>> On Aug 1, 2018, at 11:56 AM, S.E.P. <
>> dreamoftheshoreofanotherworld at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hm, I made those changes to dialog_audio.tlc and it didn't help. After
>> that, I tried making the pd-lang.bat file as per the github link's
>> instructions and that also didn't work (It launches PD, but I still get the
>> error when trying to open Audio Settings.
>> On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 4:41 AM, Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Can you do a test by modifying the Audio dialog's TCL script? It's in
>>> the Pd folder: tcl/audio_dialog.tcl
>>> Modify the "set audio_indev" & "set audio_outdev" lines starting at 103
>>> from:
>>>     set audio_indev1 $indev1
>>> to
>>>     set audio_indev1 [encoding convertfrom $indev1]
>>> This should convert the device name from the system encoding to UTF8
>>> which the Tk GUI should be able to handle.
>>> Basically, modify those lines, then save the file and (re)start Pd. If
>>> it doesn't appear or crashes right away, then there is a low-level script
>>> error. It's a good idea to make a backup of the file just in case this
>>> happens.
>>> We may have to escape more strings throughout the GUI and probably
>>> re-encode the device strings when sending them back to the pd-core.
>>> On Jul 30, 2018, at 6:11 PM, Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> It's a bug. Pd should be able to handle unicode in this case.
>>> In the meantime, you can set the LANG environment variable when starting
>>> Pd to English as detailed in
>>> https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/blob/master/po/README.txt#L42
>>> Hello,
>>> Pure Data throws the following error when I try to open up Media>Audio
>>> Settings:
>>> (Tcl) UNHANDLED ERROR: extra characters after close-brace
>>> while executing
>>> "lappend audio_indevlist {}CN (Realtek High Definition}
>>> global audio_outdevlist; set audio_outdevlist {}
>>> lappend audio_outdevlist {Xs [J ..."
>>> ("uplevel" body line 2)
>>> invoked from within
>>> "uplevel #0 $docmds"
>>> My OS is in Japanese and, according to this page (
>>> https://drugscore.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-194.html), I need to change
>>> the
>>> language setting of my OS to English (presumably other European languages
>>> would work, since I've used PD on a German-language system) to bypass
>>> this
>>> system.
>>> Just wondering if there was another fix- it's not a big deal for me to
>>> change the settings, but maybe for Japanese people interested in PD it
>>> would be.
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