[PD] MIDI device showing up as an audio device in a singleboard linux device

Giulio Moro giuliomoro at yahoo.it
Tue Feb 5 04:19:30 CET 2019

I don't know why it shows up in audio, really.

/dev/midi1 is OSS (or an emulation of it). OSS is an audio/midi driver older than ALSA. I don't know anything about OSS, but maybe it lists the MIDI devices under audio as well?
Maybe this version of Pd has been built without support for ALSA? I think if you run ./pd -help, this should give you the available options. If it lists -ossmidi/-oss but does not list -alsa/-alsaadd/-alsamidi , then you know you don't have ALSA support.


On Tuesday, 5 February 2019, 03:09:59 GMT, Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com> wrote: 

Em ter, 5 de fev de 2019 às 00:47, Giulio Moro <giuliomoro at yahoo.it> escreveu:
> So, assuming you have one MIDI device plugged in and also some sort of audio codec, then it seems that ALSA  is recognizing these devices correctly. What audio backend is selected in Pd? What (if any) MIDI devices show up?

The "sun4icodec [sun4i-codec]" shows up as an audio device, and it works for the onboard stereo output. 

The "USB Uno MIDI Interface" also shows up in the audio devices, but it doesn't show up in Preferences => MIDI, all i has is "/dev/midi1" - and then I decided to select it and... wow... MIDI input works...

this shows how little I know about linux, sorry, I really thought it was strange that a MIDI device shows up in Audio but not in MIDI... seems like all this is just how it's supposed to be, huh? If so, it still looks weird to me I have to say.

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