[PD] aconnect midi devices with identical client and port numbers

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Feb 5 15:01:27 CET 2019

On 05.02.19 13:57, Ingo wrote:
>> are you using my [aconnect] external, or the `aconnect` cmdline utility?
>> (the manpage of the latter says, that you can specify clients by name)
> I didn't know about that external. Which library is it in?

it used to be a standalone "library" with a single [aconnect] object.
i haven't looked at it in ages.

> So far I had been using shell for finding the client id and connecting it to 
> Pd.
> Maybe your external does a better job with my scenario. It's definitely worth 
> giving it a try.

i don't think it will do any better job regarding your actual problem
(rather the opposite).

it might integrate better into Pd, though.


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