[PD] trying to set up OSC between Unity and PD via [netreceive] or [iemnet/udpreceive]

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 09:17:51 CET 2019

The equivalent to [iemnet/udpreceive] is [netreceive -u -b].


On Sat, 2019-02-09 at 23:40 -0800, Scott R. Looney wrote:
> hey folks, i'm trying to set up a OSC communication between Unity and
> PD. the eventual goal is that an iOS app will be sending data to PD
> to control various parameters. this isn't a libpd issue as i do not
> want to run a PD patch in Unity. i only want the remote
> communication.
> so far i've tried Kalimba which works perfectly with [netreceive] in
> the Unity Editor. it looks like this is because it uses TCP and not
> UDP for its connection. however due to its age (6 years or so)  the
> resulting Xcode project does not build correctly. i'm assuming it's
> likely an old libpd issue, but not sure.
> so, i've tried a few other OSC Unity based projects and none of them
> work with [netreceive] in any way (including in UDP mode). i did find
> a few that work with [iemnet/udpreceive]. one of them had a demo Max
> patch with their [udpreceive] which worked fine. trying that same
> patch in PD however, made all the data print out as integer ASCII
> values rather than Unicode text characters. i tried two other Unity
> OSC projects and they behaved the same way.
> so, at the least, i need a convenient way to change all the ASCII
> integer numbers in a data stream to ASCII characters. ideally i'd
> love to have a Unity OSC demo that can send data to PD reliably,
> using TCP or UDP. any help appreciated!
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