[PD] Gem / [pix_movie] trouble: "no movie decoding backends found"

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sun Feb 10 22:04:03 CET 2019

On 2/10/19 8:50 PM, Carlos Franke wrote:
> I have tried with the bundled example videos (alea.mpg, homer.avi,
> anim-1.mov) and a few others. I'm encountering this exact same error on
> two very different platforms, so I'm pretty sure it's my mistake and
> not a bug: In one case on a Raspberry Pi 3 B running DietPi as an
> operating system, Pd 0.47.1 and Gem 0.93.3 installed as a Raspbian
> package.

i don't know DietPi, but could it be that it doesn't install
*Recommended* packages by default?

you should install all the gem-plugin-* packages you find necessary to work.
here's a list of packges that should be available for gem_0.93.3-10:

- gem-plugin-dc1394
- gem-plugin-dv4l
- gem-plugin-gmerlin [*]
- gem-plugin-jpeg
- gem-plugin-lqt [*]
- gem-plugin-magick
- gem-plugin-mpeg3 [*, although somewhat broken)
- gem-plugin-sgi
- gem-plugin-tiff
- gem-plugin-unicap
- gem-plugin-v4l2

for your convenience, the plugins that deal with movie decoding are
marked with an asterisk [*].

> In the other case on my laptop running Arch Linux, with Pd
> 0.49.0 installed from the Arch repos and Gem 0.87 installed via deken.

Gem-0.87 was released in 2002, and did not have any "movie decoding
backends" at all. also, i don't see it as available via deken.

anyhow, i don't think there is merit in making Gem available via deken
on Linux platforms at all. deken is not meant for this kind of packages
(that have zillions of dependencies).
install Gem via your system's package manager. if there is no package
for your specific distribution, nudge someone into it. or get involved.
or use a Debian derived distro.


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