[PD] Gem / [pix_movie] trouble: "no movie decoding backends found"

Carlos Franke carlos_franke at posteo.de
Mon Feb 11 22:06:14 CET 2019

IOhannes, thank you! So it was two completely different causes, even
though resulting in the same error message.

On the Raspberry Pi, I was indeed merely missing the gem-plugin-*
packages. It's working there now.

About the Laptop:

> Gem-0.87 was released in 2002, and did not have any "movie decoding
> backends" at all. also, i don't see it as available via deken.  

I only got the version number from the README, deken itself shows it as

> anyhow, i don't think there is merit in making Gem available via deken
> on Linux platforms at all. deken is not meant for this kind of
> packages (that have zillions of dependencies).
> install Gem via your system's package manager. if there is no package
> for your specific distribution, nudge someone into it. or get
> involved. or use a Debian derived distro.  

Ok, I hear you and will not try deken for Gem again. I'm going to see
if I can package Gem for Arch.

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