[PD] Gem / [pix_movie] trouble: "no movie decoding backends found"

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Feb 12 09:56:54 CET 2019

On 12.02.19 09:12, Orm Finnendahl wrote:
> That would be cool! I just gave it a shot: In order to get current Gem

what is "current" Gem?
if you do any work, you should base it *at least* on Gem-0.94~pre1, or
better on Gem-0.94.

don't spend time on Gem-0.93.3

> to configure on a current Arch system, I had to downgrade automake to
> 1.15 (arch is on 1.16). 

my (Debian based) development system uses automake-1.16.1.
make sure to use a recent Gem.

> Then it compiled fine here, but it might be
> necessary to add some dependencies for external libs.
> Here is the output of the ./configure:
>  used optional libraries:
>   font-rendering         : FTGL
>      default font        : 
>   image-support
>     use ImageMagick      : yes (MagickCore7)
>     use QuickTime        : yes
>     use ImageIO          : 

ah, well. you probably *are* already using Gem from git. good.

but that re-opens the question, why you needed to downgrade automake.

> Concerning moviefile support it looks pretty bad (no mpeg, mpeg-3,
> aviplay and gmerlin).

skip, mpeg and mpeg-3; afaict they are pretty dead upstream (and the Gem
plugins haven't been updated in ages; and i don't really plan to).
you might also want to skip aviplay. it hasn't seen much testing in
recent times either.

you should make sure that gmerlin is working though. it replaces
practically the rest.

>  But before digging deeper into it, it might be
> wise to find out, how far it can even get on linux. I also don't know
> what PLUGINS means in this context and whether it is bad that Gem
> doesn't seem to use it.

that seems to be only a glitch in the configure printout. i recently
removed all support for non-backend based image/movie/video/model
acquisition. compiling should still give you all the plugins.


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