[PD] Pd & massively multi-channel wi-fi speakers

Peter Nyboer p at nbor.us
Mon Feb 18 20:04:40 CET 2019

I did as project some time ago with the NextThing CHIP computer attached to speakers. Each of 8 CHIPs ran a PD synth patch, and was attached to a speaker. One CHIP was attached to a Livid DS1 MIDI controller, which broadcast commands over the network to all the PD patches. 
Each channel strip of the DS1 (1 fader and 5 pots) controlled the synth patch on each CHIP, so I had 8 channels of synthesis. 
In short, it was a WiFi spatial synth. I never really got to exploit this system in its final form, but I did test it all and it worked quite nicely. It wasn’t terribly complicated, and since the CHIP was pretty cheap, it wasn’t terribly expensive. You can still find them on Amazon for $20 or so.

  I should probably find a grant and residency at some Italian castle or something so I can finish this project :)


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