[PD] Gem on Arch Linux (was: Gem / [pix_movie] trouble: "no movie decoding backends found")

Carlos Franke carlos_franke at posteo.de
Mon Feb 18 21:29:38 CET 2019

> > Indeed "gemdefaultwindow.pd" is not packaged with Gem 0.94(_pre1>
> > instead there is "gemdefaultwindow-glx.pd"[2], but Pd/Gem still
> > seems to search for it. Any ideas why?  
> it is packaged fine, but not as a file but as a symlink that is
> created at installation time, or whenver the admin chooses to enable
> a different default window using the "update-alternatives" mechanism.

I see, that makes sense. Thank you for explaining.

Indeed after I made the symlink, Gem (0.94) mostly works. Alas, now I'm
getting errors again when I try to load videos with [pix_movie]… I did
make the effort to try and convert all necessary plugin and library
packages from Debian with the help of debtap, but evidently I have made
a mistake somewhere.

I am giving up on this for now. I'm developing for Raspberry Pi at the
moment, so having Gem also on the Laptop would merely be a convenience
for me. Given how involved that turned out to be, I better focus my
energy elsewhere.

As a tip for anyone else running into this: There are Arch binary
packages for Purr Data (continuation of pd-l2ork with javascript GUI,
as I understand it) available in this repo:


Gem is included (0.93 again, though) and video playback works. The repo
is not mine and I don't know the maintainer, so please judge for
yourself if you want to trust these binaries or not.

> do not fuddle wit 0.93.3; even less so with binaries from this
> release! (seriously)

Okay, stopping now.

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