[PD] [PD-announce] Mission Completed: Cyclone 0.3 stable release is out!

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 03:24:07 CET 2019

Howdy, please allow me to share a rather personal and detailed report to
this dear list about this release: The Cyclone Library (a set of Pure Data
objects cloned from Max/MSP) is finally upgraded to version 0.3! The main
goal of Cyclone 0.3 was to update it to Max 7! Max 8 is out now and there
are minor updates that could be included in cyclone, which may be ported in
a possible future 0.4 release. Cyclone 0.3 also provide numerous fixes,
several new objects and a newly written documentation!

In the last release (cyclone 0.3 release candidate 1), we noted how we
finished updating our last object to Max 7! The catch was that we still
needed to update  [comment], which won't be updated to Max 6+. Now it's
been updated but not yet fully compliant to Max 5 - nonetheless it's
"acceptable" and further work can be taken care in future 0.3.x releases.
Anyhow, there were also other updates and fixes and the thing is, with what
we have now, I just feel comfortable and happy to state: "*Mission
Completed: Cyclone 0.3 stable release is out!*".

This took 3 years. In fact, this release happens in the exact day of the
3rd anniversary of our repository. I was pretty clueless on how to code
externals when we started and I still struggle a lot - even though I was
able to learn a thing or two in the meantime :) -, this is to say that if
it weren't for my colleagues Derek and Matt, nothing of this would be
possible! I feel I have to praise and thank them (which I can't do enough)
as I don't want to outshine them (since I'm the usual spokesman of the
project). We made a great team! My limitations actually came in handy as I
could just deal with what I could, which was the most tedious and manual
labor that this project needed, like revising every object, looking for
bugs, cleaning things up, dealing with the less complicated stuff while I
learned how to code and etc. Then after a lot of attention, I could deliver
a good briefing so they could help me fix the more hardcore stuff without
all that hassle.

After this long period, it's also noticeable to say we lost steam. I can
only speak for myself and I'm now taking care of my own library (thanks to
all I've learned dealing with cyclone, I must say). I don't know much and
can't promise that cyclone will keep receiving the same attention from now
on, but don't expect it to be abandoned ;) The project is obviously open
for collaboration and any help is welcome. We actually had a very good and
recent contribution from Diego Barrios Romero, who made it possible for
anyone to compile cyclone now as a single library! Apparently he needed
this to load cyclone with libpd more conveniently. Further cyclone releases
may also bring the option of a single compiled binary. Instructions on how
to compile cyclone as a single library and more about the project in genera
can be found here:
https://github.com/porres/pd-cyclone/blob/cyclone0.3/README.md Also check
the changelog for a full list of changes:

Cyclone is now available for the main architectures via Pd (Help => Find
Externals) - it might take a while until it shows up in the system. You can
also get it from here:

For last, I can't finish this message without thanking the Pd Community in
general (specially Dan and IOhannes for being big players and great
leaders) but mostly Miller Puckette, of course, without whom there's be no
Max or Pd (and therefore no cyclone). We obviously need to also thank the
original author of Cyclone, Krzysztof Czaja, who created this important
library for Pd! Hans Christof Steiner needs to be honored for maintaining
this library and keeping it in Pd Extended for a long time, and later Fred
Jan Kraan was also very important to start fixing and updating this library
after so long in the cyclone 0.2 releases.

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