[PD] Installing iemlib on Pd 0.49 possible?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Feb 25 09:59:05 CET 2019

On 24.02.19 21:46, Jakob Laue wrote:
> Thank you very much :))) :-D
> For all who are interested:
> After installing the library with apt-get you have to do this in Pd
> 1) Add search path: Preferences->Search Paths->New->/usr/lib/pd/extra/iemlib 
> (Thats where it was installed on my system)
> 2) Add iemlib library: Preferences->Startup->Command Line Options: -lib 
> iemlib1:iemlib2:iem_mp3:iem_t3_lib

instead you should just use
 [declare -path iemlib -lib iemlib1 -lib iemlib2...]

note, that this only applies for iemlib until Debian/stretch.
Debian/buster (to be released in the next weeks/months) and Ubuntu/disco
(19.04) come with iemlib-1.21 which has revamped the internal library
organisation and all this is no longer necessary.


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