[PD] Gem 0.94 on Mac OS X

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Mar 6 21:44:49 CET 2019

On 3/6/19 7:37 PM, Csaba Láng wrote:
> Fede,
> here you are the commands I used:
> $ ./autogen.sh
> $ ./configure --with-pd=/Applications/Pd-0.49-1.app/Contents/Resources
> --enable-videoAVF

so far, on all macOS systems i have tested, AVFoundation is correctly
detected automatically, without the need for that flag.

> --without-Carbon-framework 

that shouldn't be necessary.

> --without-ftgl 

> --without-imagemagick 
> GL_CFLAGS="-DDUMMY_GL" GL_LIBS="-framework OpenGL"

why do you need this?
incidentally, i am *currently* compiling Gem on an OSX-10.6 system that
is no longer supported by brew and all the fun stuff (PowerPC anybody?).
this system lacks "pkg-config" (and without brew i cannot really install
it), and my hack (for compiling FTGL) eventually broke the
build-process, so i also had to provide GL_LIBS.
but after i fixed my hack, this is no longer required.

also, Gem is built regularly on a (pristine) macOS/sierra system, and
here those flags aren't required either.

so i'm confident, that if you require to set GL_LIBS, something is
broken in your installation.
> feel free to delete those elements what you need, I had to cancel ftgl or
> imagemmagick as looks like in Mojave for some reason cmake symlinks does
> not work properly, and those elements which I updated with brew or macport
> or compiled with cmake just cannot be found by Gem.

again: weird because building against both ftgl & imagemagick (installed
via "brew") is tested by our CI, without any problem.
again: i suspect that your setup is somewhat broken.

i intend to upload release packages in the next days.

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