[PD] status of leap motion controller in Pd, especially on Linux?

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 13:32:37 CET 2019


some time ago I commissioned Chikashi to update the external to the newest  
leapmotion sdk, as there were lots of advantages compared to the 1st  
version. The sdk chosen was v2, because the 3rd one is more oriented for  
virtual reality, which seems to be the main focus of the leap these days,  
but doesn't interest me.

Since I use windows, I only commisioned a windows external. But the code  
is there, anyone is encouraged to compile it for other plattforms. I guess  
Chikashi should be able to give more advice on that, in case the code  
isn't clear.



> Hi,
> what is the current status of leap motion support for Pd?
> I saw Chikashi Miyama's external at
> https://github.com/chikashimiyama/Pd_leapmotion
> and a specific windows version apparently for leap motion V.2
> https://github.com/chikashimiyama/Pd_Leapmotion_win
> Am I correct to assume that the latter uses some leapmotion SDK that the
> former doesn't use? What would furthermore be the best way to use the
> controller under linux in Pd?
> Thanks for all hints!
> P

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