[PD] added libs on deken

cyrille henry ch at chnry.net
Wed Mar 13 10:54:05 CET 2019

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry not to be active anymore on this list, I'm still using pd very regularly, but I don't have time anymore to interact with other pd user.
Anyway, I finally manage to have a few spare time to upload my library to deken. (should be searchable in 24h according to deken log)

this libs are :
- pmpd : one of the 1st (maybe the 1st) open source, generic, particular based, physical modelling library. It was developed more than 15 years ago, major update was made 10 years ago. Nowadays, development is mostly inactive, not because this lib is abandoned, but because it do everything I want it to do. It is efficient, stable and well documented.

- shmem : an object and abstractions allowing to share data (table) between multiple pd instances. This is very useful to share large data between pd and pd~. It can also be used to share audio faster than using a dac~ in the pd~ instance.

- nusmuk-audio : a collection of various audio abstraction and externals I made over the years : band limited oscillators, filters with audio coefficient, audio table reader with better interpolation, etc.

- nusmuk-utils : various abstractions that I use regularly, nothing very interesting except for the line3 object. [line3] is just like [line] but the output allow continuity of the derivative. You can replace [line] with [line3] to have a less robotic and more natural fell.

- puremapping (it was already uploaded by Antoine so I did not added it) : is a collection of object dedicated to mapping data values.

This is nothing new for old pd users, but others may have missed this libs.


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