[PD] In 2019 is there a way to detect mouse down/up?

Jean-Yves Gratius jyg at gumo.fr
Fri Mar 15 10:37:58 CET 2019

Not sure it can be considered as a vanilla solution, but you should edit 
tcl/pdtk_canvas.tcl file and add one line in the proc 
pdtk_canvas_mouseup (line 216) :

proc pdtk_canvas_mouseup {tkcanvas x y b} {
     set mytoplevel [winfo toplevel $tkcanvas]
     pdsend "$mytoplevel mouseup [$tkcanvas canvasx $x] [$tkcanvas 
canvasy $y] $b"
     pdsend "MOUSE mouseup [$tkcanvas canvasx $x] [$tkcanvas canvasy $y] $b"
(see attachment)

Then you'll always need to have a receiver (named "MOUSE") in your 
patch, else you will receive error messages in pd console.
If you click on a bang object in your patch, you can then listen to the 
MOUSE receiver and wait for the message "mouseup"

On 14/03/2019 13:32, Fede Camara Halac wrote:
> Not the best solution, but you may be able to monitor a slider for value changes to emulate a click-down, click-up situation... so you'd be tricking a click-drag :)
> fdch.github.io
>> On Mar 14, 2019, at 11:02 AM, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote:
>>> On 14.03.19 10:42, Chris McCormick wrote:
>>>> keep in mind that it is not touch sensitive.
>>> What do you mean by this? It only responds to mouse events and not touch
>>> events?
>> no. that's not what i meant.
>> it was a(n admittedly stupid) joke on the discrepancy between a
>> mouse-based interface (where you only get a boolean value of whether a
>> button is clicked or not) and the expectation of a (musical) "hardware
>> keyboard" that typically gives you "touch sensitive" data in the form of
>> 'velocity'.
>> fgamsdr
>> IOhannes
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