[PD] In 2019 is there a way to detect mouse down/up?

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 11:30:04 CET 2019

I would use #mouse to match the internal send names like #notein, etc. :)

Actually, you can receive messages to [notein] using [r #notein] so I could imagine a similar set of mouse objects which work in the same manner ala [mouseup], [mousedown], [mousemove], & possibly [mousedrag]. We can look into the code on those objects and replicate how they work to avoid the missing receiver name.

Honestly, this should be something built in however I would first make sure there isn't any sort of major performance penalty (probably not). Chris's comment about "in 2019" is spot on...

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> Not sure it can be considered as a vanilla solution, but you should edit 
> tcl/pdtk_canvas.tcl file and add one line in the proc 
> pdtk_canvas_mouseup (line 216) :
> proc pdtk_canvas_mouseup {tkcanvas x y b} {
>     set mytoplevel [winfo toplevel $tkcanvas]
>     pdsend "$mytoplevel mouseup [$tkcanvas canvasx $x] [$tkcanvas 
> canvasy $y] $b"
>     pdsend "MOUSE mouseup [$tkcanvas canvasx $x] [$tkcanvas canvasy $y] $b"
> }
> (see attachment)
> Then you'll always need to have a receiver (named "MOUSE") in your 
> patch, else you will receive error messages in pd console.
> If you click on a bang object in your patch, you can then listen to the 
> MOUSE receiver and wait for the message "mouseup"

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