[PD] [matchbox] - OSC pattern matching not working

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Sat Mar 23 13:40:13 CET 2019


i recently discovered that the "OSC" mode of [matchbox] doesn't work 
anymore with the latest ZEXY release (2.2.8 i386, from deken)

"regex" mode also seems to do nothing.

this is with PD 0.49 on a windows 7/64bit system

you can check it in the help file. only the default mode (exact 
matching) returns the right result, the others always return 0.

i'm not sure but as far as i can recall at least the "OSC" mode used to 
work under windows in earlier versions of zexy. "regex" always seemed to 
be non-functional.

can somebody confirm this ?

(but as a small compensation: [regex] is working well again ;-))



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