[PD] getting back to business

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Thanks! That should get me started.

On Fri, Mar 29, 2019 at 2:17 PM Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com>

> Thanks for talking about ELSE, so now I don't need to do my own self
> promotion, haha.
> And while we're at it, let me send its link:
> https://github.com/porres/pd-else and also talk about my tutorial, which
> is a rather inseparable project that may be merged in the future
> https://github.com/porres/Live-Electronic-Music-Tutorial
> Now, for my favorite non Pd Extended and new libraries out there. Check
> "soundhack", and also eric lyon's libraries (fftease and lyonpotpourri)
> And yeah, checking on Vanilla's developments is great. Please don't get
> back to using extended, it's long gone!
> It's also worth saying that the cyclone library has gotten a major
> overhaul and update recently. Pd extended carried 0.1 versions, now we have
> a brand new 0.3 version.
> I don't know about any sort of 'katas' for Pd.
> Em sex, 29 de mar de 2019 às 12:41, Liam Goodacre <liamg_uw at hotmail.com>
> escreveu:
>> Welcome back to PD land!
>> There are several new libraries that you might want to look into--ELSE,
>> Ofelia, and Context (I'm doing a little self promotion with the last one).
>> But IMO the more important thing is getting up to date with changes in
>> Vanilla.
>> [text] and [array] are new Vanilla objects which replace [textfile] and
>> [table] respectively. They might not feel natural to someone coming from
>> Extended, but once you get used to them they will improve your patching
>> immensely.
>> [clone] is also new--it helps you create n number of abstractions in one
>> location. [savestate] lets you save the state of an abstraction.
>> There may be others--this is just what comes to my mind first.
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>> Hello everyone,
>> I used to do some stuff with pd-extended about eight years ago. I did a
>> quite interesting and rather large project back then but I haven't really
>> touched the language since [although I kept receiving these mails and
>> sometimes I even read them]. I'm thinking of getting back into it, so I
>> have two questions for you:
>> 1. Are there any new libraries (from around 2010 onwards) I should be
>> aware of? Be it because they're useful or cool or your favorite for any
>> reason.
>> 2. What do you think would be good katas for Pd? It doesn't matter if
>> they're very basic.
>> Thanks!
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