[PD] trying to get wg acre library to init - iemlib declaration

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Apr 1 10:37:17 CEST 2019

On 01.04.19 09:20, Scott R. Looney wrote:
> hey folks i'm trying to get the IEM waveguide library examples to load and
> having a bit of trouble. i'm on a Mac and i've installed the various
> dependencies (iemlib,zexy,iemmatrix) via Deken, but it seems like the
> initializing fails as objects like [lp1~] and [hp1~] aren't recognized. so
> i think the [declare] objects might need tweaking. what i found a bit
> confusing is there was no iemlib1 or iemlib2, just iemlib when i installed
> it via Deken. the iemlib init in the WG Demos is [declare -stdpath iemlib],
> so if Deken installed iemlib to stdpath it seems the demo doesn't work.

iemlib recently switched from the separate iemlib1/iemlib2/iem_t3/...
libraries to a single "iemlib" binary.

probably acre still tries to load the old (no longer existing) libraries.

so: just fix the declare's to [declare -path iemlib -lib iemlib]

(or, if you want to play safe and support older iemlibs, use something like:
[declare -path iemlib -lib iemlib -lib iemlib1 -lib iemlib2]

> i also checked iemlib library separately and it seems it is having issues
> as well and can't find things like [init] for example. i checked the search
> path (Users/scottlooney/Documents/PD/Externals is the only entry) and that
> window is set to use standard paths. 
> guess this means that Deken doesn't
> solve path problems? should i be adding other paths?

no: deken is not a replacement for properly declaring dependencies in
your path.
you need to also specify the path:
[declare -path iemlib -lib iemlib]

in general, you should *not* add a library to your global search-paths
(and deken should not do so either), but us *local* paths (via [declare])


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