[PD] KIOSK plugin (windows)

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Wed Apr 3 23:14:29 CEST 2019

sorry for messing up another thread - wasn't aware of this ...

so here i go again:

i just tried the KIOSK plugin for the first time. while generally 
working, i am not able to change it's settings with the config file 

the funny thing is, that some patches seem to reflect the config file's 
settings (i.e. the "WindowTitle" or the "ShowMenu" flag), while others 
completely ignore everything but the "HideMain" switch !

i can't seem to reproduce which patches work correctly and which do not. 
it seems that patches that take a longer startup time (to load audio or 
video files) seem more likely to fail, but i am really not sure.

also to ditch the "kiosk.cfg" file completely and to set the flags 
directly in the "kiosk-plugin.tcl" file doesn't change the random 
behaviour i described above.

the plugin version is 0.2 and displays a "loaded" message in the console.

oh, yes:

again it's PD 0.49 (but this also happens with 0.48) and windows 7/64bit

thanks for any hints


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