[PD] Getting 32 bit floating point number from 4 sequential bytes

Arda Eden ardaeden at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 17:49:27 CEST 2019

Absolutely !!! Copying memory 3 times is not efficient already. :) Thanks

I just need to get 2 or a few skeleton segments for a contemporary dance
performance, and this way, I will solve my problem temporarily. Xsens may
not be a widely used system, but it works great. I think it deserves an
Xsens to OSC converter PD object some day, But this  exceeds my programming
skills (as you will get it from my code above :) ).

Just remembered now:
Xsens has a fps rate of 60-240 and a very big amount of data is transferred
very fast over the network.  When I listened the packages with [netreceive]
and printed them on the console, PD Vanilla 0.49.1 crashed. But it worked
with Purr-data. Indeed, I didn't have time to test it in detail. Maybe the
problem was with my computer. Just for info.
Thank you my friends.
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