[PD] Known number object issues in v0.49.0 on Windows ?

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 12:33:41 CEST 2019

I'm on macOS 10.14 using Pd 0.49

The behavior I see is as it has always been (as far as I recall):
- single click on float atom aka number box
- start typing a number
- there *is* visual feedback: an ellipses ... after the text and an added > if the text is longer than the size of the box
- hit enter to apply the text change, otherwise click anywhere to cancel

The procedure is the same for number2, although there are no ellipses and the text is red while editing. There is, however, a > symbol added temporarily.

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> just to chime in here, i'm on a Mac and i noticed that i can't enter in a
> number manually while in Run mode on 0.49 either (Edit mode is no problem,
> though).  i can use the mouse to change the number by clicking and
> dragging, and holding down Shift while doing it allows decimal adjustment.
> but it doesn't seem possible to edit the contents of a number box by double
> clicking and typing a new number while in Run mode. i thought i remembered
> this being possible in earlier versions but maybe this is intended
> behavior? clarification appreciated!

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