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Sun Apr 7 12:41:13 CEST 2019

I would also throw in my PdParty for iOS: http://danomatika.com/code/pdparty <http://danomatika.com/code/pdparty>

Also, if you want to write a patch that works the same on Android and iOS, PdParty supports a large subset of DroidParty objects to facilitate this.

If you want something beyond basic Pd GUIs, you will probably need to develop things at a lower level. There are a number of examples for using libpd on both Android and iOS (although some may be a little bit old by now): https://github.com/libpd <https://github.com/libpd>

No, GEM as it is will not run on any mobile device that is OpenGL ES only, as it has not been targeted or optimized for ES. That, plus, it would probably be a nightmare to update the build system to support Android...

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> hi jakob
> my experience is with PDDroidparty, I am not sure if it is very 
> different with MobMuPlat. If you can stick to PDpDroidarty like 
> developing system it makes the working process way more simple than 
> going into something like OpenFrameworks + libPD
> some years ago I tried other options (OF, Processing, Python), from all 
> of them Processing was the easier one for me, but it was only Android at 
> the time. not sure now. However using PDDroidParty is by far way easier 
> than any of those, but you are limited by the GUI elements you can use.
> I dont think you can get GEM working on android. All the externals I 
> have used are pure pd, no binaries.
> good luck
> enrike
> 19/4/5 16:57(e)an, Jakob Laue igorleak idatzi zuen:
>> Hey all,
>> For a university project I need to develop a pd patch on Mac OSX and 
>> then run/port the patch on/to a mobile device of my choice (iPhone, 
>> iPad, Android Phone).
>> I own an iPhone 6 so I would prefer to go the iOS/iPhone way but I am 
>> also thankful for any hint on Android stuff.
>> I think that I can borrow any of the above devices from my university :-)
>> I would really appreciate it if someone could point me into the right 
>> direction before I start with something without knowing that there is 
>> actually a better option I could take.
>> So...
>> - what ways of porting pd patches to a mobile device do you know?
>> - Are there restrictions for using external libraries like zexy or 
>> cyclone that I need to take into account while developing my patch on OSX?
>> - Is it possible to use GEM in the pd patch when it has to be running a 
>> mobile device?
>> What I have heard about so far is:
>> - libPd
>> - hvcc https://github.com/enzienaudio/hvcc <https://github.com/enzienaudio/hvcc>
>> - MobMuPlat (probably not going to be considered as I need a custom 
>> interface beyond sliders and buttons)
>> Thanks from Flensburg,
>> Jakob

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