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matthew brandi mfbrandi at outlook.com
Sun Apr 7 14:58:31 CEST 2019

On 07/04/2019 12:38, oliver wrote:
> the readme.txt on your linked github page also mentions the flag
> "-font-face" with an exmaple (-font-face "Zapf Dingbats") which, as
> i wrote, produces a crash on my system (Ubuntu LTS 18) because PD
> (or is it Tcl/Tk ?) can't interpret the quotes.
> so far i didn't succeed in loading ANY font in PD, its name
> containing white spaces or not. so the fallback was always DVSM (not
> "Courier" as the readme says)

Dear Oliver

I am no expert, but after your first email, I played around a bit. I
am on Ubuntu 18.10 running Pd 0.48.2, and I cannot reproduce your
problem. I tried:

    pd -font-face "Celeste Small"

Pd started OK, and Celeste Small was loaded as the default font (see
screenshot — just a labelled canvas).

I tried disabling DejaVu Sans Mono (in Font Manager) and after
disabling some DVSM alternates, I eventually got the Pd console
message "WARNING: Font family 'DejaVu Sans Mono' not found, using
default (courier)", so that really does seem to be the font of last

If your system doesn’t have Courier installed — mine doesn’t — Pd will
(it seems) load whatever alternate your fontconfig specifies (fc-match
is your friend here), but it will still say it is using Courier. (The
same goes for the alternate font choices, Helvetica & Times.)

Pd seems to rely on the OS to find fonts for it, so I don’t think you
need to worry about search paths & creating extra folders. If you want
to play around with renamed fonts, dropping them into
~/.local/share/fonts should be fine.

If your system does have a problem with whitespace or quotes, remember
that you are giving -font-face the font’s name, not the font’s file
name. You could edit the font info in a font editor (e.g. FontForge),
but it would be easier to create an alias for the font you want to use
and to drop the config into ~/.config/fontconfig/conf.d (see
attachment 30-substitutions.conf, which is plain text).

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, and good luck.



matthew brandi

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