[PD] sending patch + folder to PDParty

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Mon Apr 8 09:54:00 CEST 2019

You can also try a regular .zip. PdParty should be associated with .pd, .zip, & .pdz files. I can look into it but it would take at least a couple of days for a new version to come out if I need to fixed any bugs, so that may not help you if you need it working today/tomorrow.

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> hi
> I am trying to test in iPhone a patch built using PDDroidParty. My 
> problem is that together with the droidparty_main.pd I have a folder 
> with pd abstractions.
> For me the best solution to install the patches would be to send them 
> into an email or some kind of message same as we do in Android: all 
> zipped together in a .dpz file. We are going to be sending this to a 
> group of people with different types of phones and we need to get this 
> up and running as soon as possible.
> However the iphone does not recognises the .pdz as a PdParty file and it 
> does not give the option to copy it to the PdParty folder. I can send 
> them the .pd files attached individually but then I have to one by one 
> copy them into the folder and they are a few of them.
> Is there any other easy to use method to send them all into the PdParty 
> folder?
> thanks
> enrike

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