[PD] sending patch + folder to PDParty

enrike altern2 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 14:18:33 CEST 2019

>> I tried with a zip but it does not work. It just opens each of the 
>> files in the zip.
> Does "it just opens each of the files in the zip" mean the OS unzips the 
> zip file and then calls PdParty for each patch or does it mean that 
> PdParty gets the zip and unzips it into the application directory but 
> without a containing folder?

(sorry I dont use iPhone and I have to "steal" my partner's one to run 
the tests) The mail program seems to unzip the zip and displays all the 
files in the fip in a horizontal scroll list. I dont get to see PdParty 
at all. It looks to me like PdParty does not get involved at all.

>> It would be great to have it working before the weekend. we have a 
>> performance, but we can borrow an android phone. so there is no hurry,
> We'll see. In the meantime, I'm assuming you've read the section in the 
> PdParty user guide about how copy patches onto a device? There is a 
> built-in WebDAV server that facilitates this: 
> http://danomatika.com/code/pdparty/guide#detailed-instructionsĀ If you're 
> just deploying to a set number of devices once, this would work fine and 
> is what I use mainly.

yeah I tried that as well. I could not connect to the phone, it did not 
allow me. bear in mind that I am all the time jumping onto the iphone 
when I see it around and "free" :) so it is quite difficult to be 
methodic about running tests

>> but it would be great to find out how to do this.
> There is no "find how to do this." It either works or doesn't. If it 
> doesn't, then I don't have the app configured correctly to tell the OS 
> what files are associated with it. This did work a while ago, but 
> perhaps something has changed in newer versions of iOS.

ok I am going to check too which version of iOS is running. I should 
have done it the first time it failed.



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