[PD] syncjams with no connection

enrike altern2 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 17 10:03:06 CEST 2019

> On 16/4/19 9:19 pm, enrike wrote:
>> Couple of issues about syncjams library. I am using it in a place with 
>> no wifi connection and I noticed
>> - The argument BPM does not have any effect
>> syncjams $0/syncer, bpm 60, namespace syncjams, port 23232
>> - I would expect that a set-state message would actually work locally 
>> even if there is no internet connection (I notice there is a connect 
>> inside the syncjams object) . So issuing a set-state /test 
>> 10 message to my instance of syncjams would actually be output by the 
>> state, a kind of internal loop. but it does not
>> is this the intended behaviour? thanks!
> This is how the library works now, but I do not think it makes sense 
> from a user perspective.

yes I know what you mean. In my case I think it would be nice to be able 
to work without connecting the computer to a network. Specially being 
able to set the BPM with the argument. Another scenario would be when 
solo rehearsing a part of a piece developed for group network 
performance, if there is no wifi connection the BMP and messages wont 
work. But I agree it is not the most common scenario nowadays.

> I will think about how to make this work as you would expe
one more thing, I would like to have a toggle displaying the connection 
status, is there an specific message the syncjams object issues when the 
connection is ready? I am checking but I cannot see any coming out of 
the object that I could use for this.



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