[PD] pd-lork and midi on osX

Lucas Cordiviola lucarda27 at hotmail.com
Sun May 5 20:41:45 CEST 2019

It probably helps as you might be filling the hardware buffer for the 
next DMX frame.


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On 5/5/2019 3:10 PM, cyrille henry wrote:
> thanks for the suggestion,
> I don't understand why it will help, but I'll try in 2 week, when I 
> get the computer again.
> cheers
> c
> Le 05/05/2019 à 12:50, Christof Ressi a écrit :
>> I think I've found the issue: the portmidi version used in Pd vanilla 
>> throttles the data rate on macOS, while the older version used by Pd 
>> extended 0.43 doesn't! I'll post more details on GitHub. I think my 
>> suggestion of spreading your messages across several ticks will help.
>> Christof
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>>> Betreff: Re: Aw: [PD] pd-lork and midi on osX
>>> hello,
>>> Thanks for looking at this problem.
>>> The test patch is very similar to my situation.
>>> I use a DMX interface that is visible by a computer as a midi device 
>>> over a USB connection. It allow to control lighting device from any 
>>> musical software.
>>> This interface use class compliant usb/midi driver and control 2 dmx 
>>> univers (i.e 1024 lighting devices)
>>> a DMX frame is about 20ms. So I need to send 1024 value every 20ms.
>>> 10 years ago, windows drivers did allow only 1 midi message every 
>>> ms, so it was not possible to use this interface on windows. But I 
>>> was working fine on osX and linux.
>>> I did not test on windows since. It still work on linux. It works on 
>>> pd-extended on osX but not with pd vanilla 0.49 on osX. I did not 
>>> test any other pd version on osX because I don't have a mac at home. 
>>> I'll make more test in few weeks.
>>> (when I says that it did not work, I mean that you can't send 1024 
>>> value every 20ms, but you can send 100 every 20ms)
>>> If you try my test patch with a USB/MIDI interface, you will face 
>>> problems : midi is to slow, so pd will hang or data will be lost.
>>> You should only use this test patch with something that can receive 
>>> midi that fast : a virtual port, or a hardware that did not convert 
>>> this data to midi informations.
>>> I will try sending 50 messages every ms, but "almost gone" is not 
>>> satisfying.
>>> cheers
>>> Cyrille
>>> Le 04/05/2019 à 03:11, Christof Ressi a écrit :
>>>> Hi, I don't know what your actual patch looks like, but I noticed 
>>>> that when I spread the MIDI messages evenly by sending 50 messages 
>>>> every 1 ms instead of 1024 every 20 ms, the delay on my USB 
>>>> interface is almost gone. Maybe this improves your situation. The 
>>>> real problem, however, is that sending MIDI on Windows and macOS 
>>>> via portmidi is currently a blocking operation and this has to be 
>>>> fixed.
>>>> Christof
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>>>>> Betreff: [PD] pd-lork and midi on osX
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> I'm trying to find a solution for my project where large amount of 
>>>>> midi data should be send.
>>>>> This bug prevent me to use latest vanilla : 
>>>>> https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/issues/581
>>>>> and I want to avoid using pd-extended.
>>>>> The final project will run on osX, but I don't have a computer to 
>>>>> test on this platform.
>>>>> Can someone tell me if pd-l2ork will do a better job at sending 
>>>>> midi data at fast rate?
>>>>> thanks
>>>>> Cyrille
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