[PD] Strange Bug Crashing Pd (block + abstractions + fft)

José de Abreu abreubacelar at gmail.com
Wed May 8 17:55:42 CEST 2019

Hello List.

I'm on Pd 0.49 on linux ubuntustudio
lsb_release -a shows   Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS

short version: open the zip folder and start "UsandoFftHanning.pd" and try
to click on any set message that goes to block~. Here it crashes

long version:
I was trying to create simple abstractions that could help me creating a
hanning window and using simple fft to show spectrum in a parent patch.
I was experiencing problems with tabwrite~ + metro 100 because it was not
writing in the start of array1 (like dc frequency was 3/4 in the array
instead of the start of the array), so i suspected that maybe if i used
[metro 1028 1 samp] it would work. It doesn't help... So i put a [block~
1024] and voila it worked.

But this is strange because i wanted to see it at normal block, since i
want to use dac~ and etc... then i created a bunch of [set( messages to
control block to see where it works fine or not.

Here it started the bug. whenever a click on wherever set message, pd
crashes. if i try to close the patch it crashes, if i try to open any
abstraction it crashes, if i try to stop metro it crashes... it literally
crashes with any action i believe... can someone test if opening
UsandoFftHanning.pd does the same thing? i don't know how to report this
bug since i don't know what makes it crash...
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