[PD] Strange Bug Crashing Pd (block + abstractions + fft)

José de Abreu abreubacelar at gmail.com
Wed May 8 18:01:45 CEST 2019

i just noticed that i write the numbers all wrong in the e-mail, so i go to
check the patch and indeed block~ is 1028 what doesn't make sense... maybe
he is the culprit, but it is strange because pd allowed me to create that
object, and after that it started to crash. May someone test this, and then
i write to github?

Em qua, 8 de mai de 2019 às 12:55, José de Abreu <abreubacelar at gmail.com>

> Hello List.
> I'm on Pd 0.49 on linux ubuntustudio
> lsb_release -a shows   Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
> short version: open the zip folder and start "UsandoFftHanning.pd" and try
> to click on any set message that goes to block~. Here it crashes
> everything.
> long version:
> I was trying to create simple abstractions that could help me creating a
> hanning window and using simple fft to show spectrum in a parent patch.
> I was experiencing problems with tabwrite~ + metro 100 because it was not
> writing in the start of array1 (like dc frequency was 3/4 in the array
> instead of the start of the array), so i suspected that maybe if i used
> [metro 1028 1 samp] it would work. It doesn't help... So i put a [block~
> 1024] and voila it worked.
> But this is strange because i wanted to see it at normal block, since i
> want to use dac~ and etc... then i created a bunch of [set( messages to
> control block to see where it works fine or not.
> Here it started the bug. whenever a click on wherever set message, pd
> crashes. if i try to close the patch it crashes, if i try to open any
> abstraction it crashes, if i try to stop metro it crashes... it literally
> crashes with any action i believe... can someone test if opening
> UsandoFftHanning.pd does the same thing? i don't know how to report this
> bug since i don't know what makes it crash...
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