[PD] clarification on [coll] object - doesn't seem to be global

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Sat May 11 17:52:36 CEST 2019

Em sáb, 11 de mai de 2019 às 04:37, Scott R. Looney <scottrlooney at gmail.com>

> i don't think textfile will work in this case, as i need to be able to
> look up text addresses and spit out a a parameter value at that address,
> which seems to be ideal for [coll]

There's a new [text] object in Pd Vanilla, one which Miller thinks has a
better design. Even though I did work a lot on cyclone's [coll] and help
upgrading and fixing it, I never really used it and don't know it well. For
that matter, I also never used [text] that much, but it seems you can
achieve what you want with [text] and [list split].

Even though I've been actively contributing to Pd externals development,
I'm also a 'vanillist' and have recently made pull requests to add
functionality to Pd Vanilla. I think we can always look first at vanilla's
solutions as I consider it a more stable and wise choice. So if you have
some feature from [coll] that you can't make it happen in Vanilla, let's
check it out and maybe propose an enhancement to Pd if that's the case. I'm
sure Miller will consider it with great attention.

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